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Orange Regional Gallery
Opening: 13 April
Exhibition dates: 7 April - 24 June
It has often been said that we are shaped by the spaces that surround us. Curated by Gavin Wilson, Interiors probes that concept through the eyes of a select group of modernist and contemporary artists. This exhibition of over 40 paintings and graphics reveals a rich variety of relationships to light and space – a serious and beautiful occurrence. For artists, the environment one works in, inhabits, or encounters by chance remain vital sources of inspiration. Interiors includes works by artists Brett Whiteley, Margaret Olley, Cressida Campbell, Euan Macleod, Grace Cossington Smith, Ray Crooke, Kevin Connor, Genevieve Carroll, John R Walker, Robert Malherbe, Janet Haslett, Rosemary Valadon, Wendy Sharpe, Peter Kingston, Luke Sciberras, Francis Lymburner and Peter Godwin.

Abstract Landscape II

Defiance Gallery Newtown
Opening: 6 - 8pm Wednesday 23 May 2018
Exhibition dates: 23 May - 21June
Preview dates: 11am - 2pm Sunday 20 May

Jan King

Defiance Gallery at Mary Place
Opening: 6 - 8pm Wednesday 4 July
Exhibition dates: 4 July - 26 - July
Preview dates: 11am - 2pm Sunday 1 July