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Roy Jackson

Backwards Forwards

Defiance Gallery at Mary Place Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 12pm to 5pm
Exhibition dates: 1 August - 6 September
Opening: 12 - 4pm Sunday 29 July    Preview dates: 11 - 2pm Sunday 29 July

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Backwards forwards

Works from 2003 onwards

For a few years before 2002 I had been independently running my own shows (at Mary Place Gallery). I had left a major gallery in Sydney in 1998 after showing with then for about 15 years.
I wanted to do my own thing and have direct contact with people who came to see my work. That was all quite hard but the feedback was such a wonderful experience. 
And I had no one to blame for any failings of the shows and everything about them but myself – I liked that.
In 2003 I started showing once again with a major Sydney gallery. Having recently won the Mosman Art Prize, with Terence Maloon as the judge, was an important event that the gallery could tell collectors interested in my work.
Gulgan Flats - the painting that won the prize and is in the Mosman Gallery Collection was an important work for me.  At that time my work was about the painting being the outcome of the brushmarks it was made from and a sense of earth. 
Many people thought that I had been influenced by certain Aboriginal artists; they would have done better, if seeking influences, to look towards European artists such as Paul Klee and Jean Dubuffet. 

Artist statement 22/09/09